Cooling Services in Scott City, KS

There’s nothing quite like escaping the heat and humidity on a peak summer day. If your home’s cooling system isn’t equipped to provide you with cooled air, however, you could find yourself sweating uncomfortably in the place where you live. Let Turner Sheet Metal, Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning provide you with the cooling services you need to enjoy an AC unit that’s running at peak efficiency all season long.

ac repairAC Repairs

An under-maintained AC unit is one that’s going to cost more and produce less. Eventually, components will start to fail and your system will fall into disrepair. To avoid this, make sure you’re staying on top of repairs as they occur. Whether it’s a blown capacitor or problems with your refrigerant, we’ll be there to troubleshoot and get to the bottom of things quickly.

Want to avoid costly air conditioning repair in Scott City, KS altogether? Our team will help keep you up to scratch on maintenance services as well! Let us perform the necessary checks and startup services your unit needs to function flawlessly throughout peak season. Then, we’ll shut it down before winter rolls in to preserve it for another year.

AC Installation

If your AC unit has weathered years of use and abuse, it might be time to start considering a brand-new air conditioning installation in Scott City, KS. A new AC unit could lower your utility bills and improve your comfort in one fell swoop, through more efficient operation and better capacity.

The Turner Sheet Metal, Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning will help you understand your options for an AC upgrade and can guide you through the features and standards ideal for your home. We’ll work within your budget to help you make an investment you can be confident in for years to come.

Get AC Service

If your existing AC unit is acting up or you’re making a necessary home upgrade and want some guidance, contact the professionals at Turner Sheet Metal, Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning today. We’re your local AC experts! Call us directly at 620-872-2954.