Heating Services in Scott City, KS

Getting through winter comfortably means having a heating system that’s equipped to blow warm air reliably throughout the season. If your furnace or heat pump isn’t delivering perfectly-warmed air in an efficient manner, it’s time to talk to Turner Sheet Metal, Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll provide your unit with the repairs it needs to function flawlessly or help you retrofit it with a new unit that works perfectly.

Furnace Repair and Installation

relaxing by the furnaceAs your local experts on furnace repair in Scott City, KS, we’re ready to troubleshoot all aspects of your furnace. From faulty pilot lights to malfunctioning blowers, we’ve seen it all and can repair it all. Let us get to the bottom of issues before they start to impact your quality of life.

In addition to part replacements and repairs, you can also call on us for any essential maintenance needed to keep your furnace functioning. From flame sensor cleaning to filter changes, we’ll keep your system in tip-top condition.

If your furnace is more than 15 years old, it might be time to seriously consider a furnace replacement in Scott City, KS. Our team is ready to help when that time comes. As an Authorized Bryant Dealer and general expert on furnaces, we’ll help you make an investment that will pay dividends for your home’s efficiency and your comfort.

Heat Pump Repair and Installation

Not every HVAC contractor can deal with heat pumps. At Turner Sheet Metal, Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in them! We’re ready to provide you with heat pump repair to an unparalleled degree, so you can make the most of this highly efficient installation. Need help troubleshooting your heat pump? We can do that too, providing you with peace of mind about its operation.

If you’re thinking about making the upgrade or changeover to a heat pump, we’re ready to help you explore those benefits. Consult with our team about heat pump installation and learn more for yourself about the advantages of this heating solution!

Additional Heating Services:

  • We repair and install water heaters
  • We repair and install radiant tube heaters

For more information about our heating service capabilities or to schedule an appointment regarding service, please contact us today by calling 620-872-2954.